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Not all answers are needed if game has only two ends.

  • If the route has multiple endings, the walkthrough may be more intense. Please consult Vehura as to how to proceed.

Please do not edit a page that is already been created until you do the following:

Collaboration on more intense games are encouraged.

  • A good example of this is Mystic Messenger. I don't expect someone to do all the work unless the really want to.

Please do not completely remove a walkthrough.

  • Doing so may cause your account to be suspended.

Please do not take a walkthrough from another website and upload it here.

  • Please create your own walkthroughs by playing the game.
  • Anyone caught stealing walkthroughs will have their account suspended.

Once you have created your account, please add yourself to Contributors List..

  • In order to combat spam, I need to make sure your account is legit. Please just write your user name on this page so that I can add you to the whitelist so you won't get nukes when I clean out spam.