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Are you going to move the website walkthroughs to here?
No. This wiki is specifically for people wishing to contribute as it allows them to do things quickly and then I can transfer the walkthroughs more easily.

Are you trying to make a place where you can get a ton of information about a game/characters?
No, this is strictly for walkthroughs. There are already a lot of fandom wikis for games and I don't want to have to build those. lol

How will I know if a walkthrough is needed?
Look for red links or something just not existing. Red links means that game page or character page does not exist. For more information on page creation, visit the Formatting Guide.

Can I upload a walkthrough for a game that is not Japanese otome?
As long as they are a romance-forward game, you can add them to be uploaded.

Can I added in a game that I/my team made?
Seeing as having a walkthrough will give your game some visibility, I have no problem with it.

Once you have uploaded the walkthrough to the site, what will happen to it on this wiki?
The link will be updated to point to the walkthrough on the site and the page with the walkthrough will be deleted.